Human Resources Development Agency of Ruse



The Human Resources Development Agency (HRDA) is a legal entity – a non-profit association, established in 2004 in the city of Ruse, the biggest Bulgarian port on the Danube River and the administrative centre of North-Central Region of Bulgaria, encompassing the districts of Ruse, Gabrovo, Veliko Turnovo, Silistra and Razgrad. The Agency specializes in supporting the social integration and personal realization by increasing the effectiveness of job search, the competitiveness of workforce on the labour market and by improvement of qualification and vocational training of the workforce.

HRDA develops strategies and innovative approaches to respond to the dynamics of the labour market and develop the capacity of human resources. It has been partnering initiatives for vocational training – providing expertise in developing programs for adult business training, conducting research on the labour market and implements strategies for active measures on the labour market, and re-integration of minority groups in rural areas.
HRDA has also signed the b2Europe charter for regional partnership with the EU business supporting networks. HRDA is actively partnering on regional level with the largest information and consultancy business support network in Europe – the Enterprise Europe Network.

The members of HRDA have participated in working and steering groups for development of regional development strategies and planning for the period 2007-2013.

The objective of HRDA is to work towards: 
- Assistance and support of the human resources development of North Central Region;
- Development and enforcement of intellectual values, civil society, health, education and science;
- Development of regional strategies for the entire and sector development of economy and the human resources as well as assistance in the realisation of these strategies;
- Development and realisation, independently or in partnership, of regional demonstration projects in the field of human resources;
- Mobilisation and coordination of the activities of regional, national and international institutions concerning the realisation of projects and initiatives for training and development of human resources in order to achieve agreement and cooperation;
- Undertaking and realisation of initiatives concerning the popularisation and implementation of best international practices for the development of human resources;
- Development and implementation of strategies for integration, education and realization of international projects connected to minority groups.