Energy Agency of Plovdiv



The Energy Agency of Plovdiv (EAP) promotes energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, develops action plans, and performs environment and energy modeling, analyses, feasibility studies promoting sustainable energy development. EAP also develops energy concepts and projects for municipalities and for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), arranges financing, and provides expertise and consultations.

ЕAP builds strategic partnerships with municipaliities, governmental and non-governmental organisations, associations, networks, universities and businesses in Bulgaria and all other EU member states. These partnerships are key to the success and development of EAP.

The Bioenergy Research and Innovation Centre and Accredited Analytical Laboratory for Testing of Solid Biofuels, Compost and Biogenic Waste at the EAP provides market-oriented research and innovation in the field of bioenergy in order to stimulate production activities using modern innovative technologies, and to exchange knowledge about solid biofuels and combustions installations quality between relevant national and international stakeholders and to transfer practice-oriented output to the relevant target groups.

Areas of activity
- Fertilizer and crop supports;
- Services, consulting and studies;
- Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency.