Association of Agri-Environmental Farmers



The Association of Agri-Environmental Farmers (AAEF) is a non-profit legal entity, registered in February 2014. The founders of the Association are farmers – individuals and legal entities, carrying out agri-environmental activities. The main activities of the Association are: protection of the rights and interests of agri-environmental farmers; support and inform agri-environmental farmers in compliance with the requirements for the application of agro-environmental activities and the accompanying agricultural practices; promotion of agri-environmental activities related to environmental protection; raising awareness to farmers for the benefits of agri-environment. support of the state structures, through the participation of the Association in working groups, committees, expert councils, etc., in the preparation of legislative initiatives related to agro-environmental activities. supporting state structures in the development and implementation of agri-environmental activities, built on the experience of its members, gained in practice.