Culinary Arts and Hospitality Association



Culinary Arts and Hospitality Association is a culinary and hospitality sector cluster for Northeastern Bulgaria. It started operating at the end of 2011 and is based in Dobrich, Bulgaria. Its main objective is to contribute to the development of comprehensive high value-added tourist products in its region of operation and to build a lasting and strong relationship between education and business in support of regional economic development and social cohesion.

The Cluster was initially established by ten organizations from Bulgaria - business enterprises, relevant non-governmental organizations, education and training institutions at different levels of education (higher education, secondary education and vocational education and training). Since then, several new members have joined and more are in the process of applying for membership. In view of contributing to the development of the right skills and to the creation of new jobs in the hospitality and culinary sector, the Cluster promotes innovations by facilitating the knowledge-transfer links between training institutions and business entities operating in the sector or in other related sectors. It strives to play a number of social functions, too. It promotes the use of organic products and foodstuffs, supports diversification of the food services in the region, and encourages quality improvement of the services in the culinary, hospitality and tourism sectors.

The “Culinary Arts and Hospitality” Cluster supports the economic development of the region through organization of staff trainings, transfer of expertise and know-how, promotion of innovations and product diversification in the fields of tourism and culinary arts, encouragement of the use of advanced technologies, social media and IT resources, promotion of rigorous quality standards.