Municipality of Fier



Fier is one of the largest urban centers in Albania, it is located in a favorable geographical position, with a rich historical heritage, including old civilization remains such as: Apollonia, Bylis and Ardenica. Fier is located only 18 km away from the Adriatic Sea and it has 27 km of unspoilt coast line.

The city is known for its vital and hard-working people who, despite diversified origins and religions, peaceful coexist. Traditions, customs, celebrations, ceremonies, folk dresses, songs and dances create a great offer for cultural tourism. The total Fier Municipality population counts about 200,000 inhabitants. The Municipality of Fier is one of the biggest and most important Local Government Institutions (out of 61 Municipalities).

Fier Municipality has been taking part in several international cooperation projects; it has high ability to absorb funds from EU and other donors, and enjoys a large bargaining power vis-à-vis the central government, as well as a greate scope for inter-municipal cooperation. During all these years, the Municipality of Fier has provided high quality and timely services to citizens and has a continuously promoting and encouraging sustainable local economic development.