Regional Development Agency (S.M.E.) of Korce



The Regional Development Agency (S.M.E.) of Korçë is a non for profit foundation. R.D.A. has been founded in April 1998 with the aim to support the regional development of Korça region and Albania.
R.D.A. of Korçë has implemented a lot of projects to sustain the development of the region. It has cooperated with donors, local government and central government institutions for the implementation of projects to accomplish its mission for the sustainable development of the region.

The support of the private sector through consulting services has created the conditions for the entrepreneurs to improve their business.

Through surveys and feasibility studies R.D.A. of Korçë has created the conditions for the government institutions and local entrepreneurs to take the right decisions for the development of private businesses and government services.

R.D.A. of Korçë has been very active in the Cross Border cooperation.

Development of Korca Region and wider by supporting the SMEs, improving local goverment services to the community and developing the civil society.

- To prepare Business plans and Feasibility studies for the private and public sector;
- To develop marketing surveys and marketing strategies;
- To support the development of human ressources for the private and public sector;
- To develop and implement Public-Private partnerships;
- To encourage the cross-border cooperation.