University of Nicosia Research Foundation



University of Nicosia Foundation (UNRF) is an autonomous non-for-profit research organization based in Cyprus.
Established in order to provide an independent platform for researchers in Cyprus, its mission is to inspire and to promote knowledge, innovation and development through cutting-edge research. Our organization brings together experienced researchers from around Cyprus, the region and the European Union in a wide range of fields.
Amongst others UNRF aims to achieve its mission by:
- assisting in the development and strengthening of the Cyprus Research Area (CyRA);
- advancing in particular local research and innovation;
- providing support to its members and advancing its role in society;
- supporting the development of the knowledge society and human resources within the field of research;
- improving the quality of life through research;
- assisting the introduction of Cypriot researchers within international research activities;
- supporting networking activities amongst its members, at the local and international level together with the
development of dynamic networking cooperation.

Through its core services UNRF will, within each, inform, engage and support its researchers in an aim to further build the Cyprus Research Area and ultimately the European Research Area.

We offer support to:
- Assist in the write up of research grants;
- Minimise the risk to UNRF by providing procedures for ethics and governance of research;
- Manage the development and implementation of the Research Strategy;
- Develop links between UNRF and private and public sector organisations;
- Develop and carry out cooperative research with external organisations;
- Negotiate agreements and contracts;
- Identify and manage intellectual property;
- Market and license the outcomes of research;
- Start spin-out companies.