Cyprus University of Technology, Department of Environmental Science and Technology



The Cyprus University of Technology aspires to develop itself into a modern, pioneering University able to offer education and high level research in leading branches of science and technology which have high impact on the economic, technical, and scientific sectors.

With its orientation towards applied research, the University aspires to establish for itself a role in support of the state and society in their efforts to confront problems, which cover all areas of science and technology. The programmes of the CUT to a large extent complement scientific areas, which are not currently covered at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels by the University of Cyprus or any other institution of higher education in the country.

The Cyprus University of Technology was founded by law on December 2003 and welcomed its first students on September 2007.

The Cyprus University of Technology is based at the city of Limassol, where all six faculties are located.
Both the environment and science/technology have attracted attention in recent years as themes addressing major needs of the industry and the society as a whole. The goal of the undergraduate programme of the Department of Environmental Science and Technology is to educate students in a combination of life and environmental sciences and technology to meet the worlwide needs in this area. The main feature of the program, which is unique in Cyprus, is its educational structure in which the Department's faculty work together to teach a variety of topics in the field of Environmental Science and Technology. After complementing lectures with practical education, students are assigned to laboratories in diverse fields during their senior year while undertaking research for their degree.