University of West Attica, Special Account for Research Grants (ELKE)



The University of West Attica was founded after the merger of the Technological Educational  Institute of Athens and the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus (official Government Gazette N. 38, 02/03/2018, Law 4521) University of West Attica is a fully-self-governed public law entity that has acquired all the rights and all the obligations of the two merged institutions; its establishment aims to address the educational, social, cultural and development needs of the country, which relate in particular to the following knowledge areas:
- Social, Administrative and Economic Sciences,
- Engineering Sciences,
- Food Sciences,
- Health and Welfare Sciences,
- Applied Arts and Culture
University of West Attica acquires all the rights and all the obligations of the two merged institutions. Also, the two Special Accounts for Research Grants (ELKE) of the merging Institutions are transferred to the University of West Attica, with the union of the Financial and Administrative Support Units and are included in the ELKE of the University of West Attica that automatically acquires all their rights and obligations. The new ELKE continues the implementation of all the projects/ programs that the two previous ELKE had undertaken, including the co - funded projects by European Union. These rights and obligations include also those arising from employment contracts and work contracts.
The temporary administrative body of the University of West Attica is the Steering Committee, composed offifteen members. Mr. Konstantinos  Moutzouris is now the legal representative of the Special Account for Research Grants (ELKE) of the University of West Attica.
The University of West Attica is multi-disciplinary, technology oriented Institute. The Faculty of Food Sciences has been actively involved in many research and EU projects, nationally and internationally and has developed strong connections with agro-food enterprises. It has extensive experience, infrastructure and specialized staff to cope with the role of LP.
The Department of Food Science and Technology was founded in 1985 and forms part of the Faculty of Food Sciences. The course   lasts eight semesters including  theory, laboratory courses, practice in the workplace (food industry, authorities responsible for food controls, etc.) and the thesis. The number of students admitted to our Department is determined by a decree per academic year. The skills of our graduates allow them to work in positions related to the whole food industry, both in the manufacturing process, the management sector as well as in the marketing of all kinds of food products.