Institute of Geosciences, Energy, Water and Evrionment of Albania



The  Institute of GeoSciences, Energy, Water and Environment of Albania is a national research unit that operates under the umbrella of the Polytechnic University of Tirana. From the organizative viewpoint it is designed in four main departments.

These departments are:
1) Department of Meteorology
2) Department of Geology
3) Department of Seismology
4) Department of Hydrology

The management organs of Institute are:
a) Board of Institute
b) Director
c) Head of Departments

The mission of Institute of GeoSciences, Energy, Water and Environment is to improve scientific research in the field of geoinformation in Albania through:
- carrying out scientific and applicative research
- leading the in depth education process of students and young researchers
- undertaking third party services in the fields of seismology, natural resources, georisks, geoengineering and geoinformation techonology

The main tasks of this Institute are:
- to study geological phenomena  as geophysics, geochemistry, geomechanics etc and to build upon geological and thematic maps;
- to study and evaluate natural country resources in terms of minerals and underground energetic and water resources;
- to carry out research on natural hazards as well as those created by human activities (landslides, erosion, flood, earthquakes, environmental pollution etc);
- to study the micro zoning with regards to evaluation of the seismic risk in regional and local level;
- to adopt European standards of aseismic design.
- to study and monitor continuously the seismic activity in the country and be able to provide real time data for both decision-makers and public opinion;
- to develop, based on geoinformation technology, geomodels that supports scientific research in the fields of geophysics, geology, geoenvironment, seismology, geothermal energy etc.