Bulgaria Economic Forum

Address https://www.biforum.org


Bulgaria Economic Forum is a non-profit legal entity founded in 1998 with the main objectives to promote the business environment of Bulgaria and Southeast Europe to potential foreign investors and to facilitate the dialogue between government and business.

It currently has 42 members which are key stakeholders in Bulgarian economical and social life. Among them industrial chambers and associations, private companies, financial institutions, public organizations, etc.

BEF organizes various local, national and international forums dedicated to important economic issues. Those forums are venues where business representatives meet, exchange opinions and create useful contacts. Up to now BEF has organised more than 40 events among which are:
- The Annual Southeast Europe Business Forum;
- Bulgaria Economic Forum;
- Regional economic forums, dedicated to the economic development of different regions of Bulgaria: Economic Forum Maritsa (for South Central Region of Bulgaria); Economic Forum Danube (for North West Region of Bulgaria); Economic Forum Struma (for South West Region of Bulgaria);
- Forums, covering different business sectors: Environment and waste management; Food and beverages
Annual Exhibition “Europe for us” where all EU operational programmes in Bulgaria are presented and Managing authorities and beneficiaries meet and discuss issues of mutual interest.

Among the main activities of BEF is implementation of EU and other donors financed projects. All projects, implemented by BEF, are in different ways related to improving business conditions as well as building and enhancing business capacities.

During the years BEF has published the following issues: Southeast Europe Investment Guide (First edition – 2000, latest edition 2007) and  The Southeast Europe Business Magazine “The Region” (Quaterly edition covering Southeast Europe key economic and political issues).