Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER - Soil and Water Resources Institute

Address www.swri.gr


Soil & Water Resources Institute (Sindos) belongs to the DG-Research Directorate of Hellenic Agricultural Organisation (HAO) Demeter

Soil and Water Resources Institute (SWR) belongs to the Hellenic Agricultural Organisation (HAO) (former National Agricultural Research Foundation - NAGREF), which is the research body of the Hellenic Ministry for Rural Development and Food.
The basic goals of the Institute include:
Applied research and the development of state-of-the-art technologies
Services of high scientific quality
Scientific consultancy to public bodies and stakeholders
Dissemination and implementation of novel technologies in agriculture
The main research and application domains of the Institute are:
Protection and sustainable management of surface and groundwater
Monitoring networks of water bodies (quality and quantity parameters)
Hydrogeochemical assessments and modeling
River discharge measurements
Mathematical modeling and GIS applications in water resources management
Water bodies’ assessment
Groundwater artificial recharge
Optimization of irrigation water use