University of Patras, Department of Chemical Engineering



The University of Patras was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and it began functioning in the Academic year 1966-67. The establishment of the University contributed vastly to the decentralization of Academic Education in Greece. In June 2013 the University of Western Greece was incorporated in the University of Patras.

In 2014, the University of Patras celebrates 50 years of Academic operation, marked by continuous development and constantly emerging new achievements. The University presently stands well ahead of its original goal, which was to set “a firm model of an Academic institution providing Greece with a highly qualified Alumnae contributing to the society’s development and growth”. Today, the University of Patras enjoys recognition as an Academic Institution with a worldwide impact, attracting thousands of students and a large number of Academic and Research Personnel actively involved in the cutting-of-edge science, Innovation and Excellence.

The Department of Chemical Engineering (DCE) of the Engineering  School of the University of Patras was established in 1977. The mission of DCE is to produce chemical engineers educated in research, development and optimization of methods for production of industrial products, in materials technology, in environmental protection and in energy production.
DCE follows the modern trends and international dynamics of the science of chemical engineering, which pioneers in areas such as biotechnology and biological engineering, nanotechnology and renewable and alternative energy forms, being a center of excellence in several of these areas.

Education and research in DCE are carried out according to international quality standards and have resulted in numerous distinctions of the Department, faculty and alumni who have proven able to meet successfully in the highly competitive Greek, European and international environment.

Faculty and staff members in DCE are involved in major research projects funded by the European Union, the Greek General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT), other Greek organizations and industry, in collaboration with some of the top universities and research centers globally.

The Department of Chemical Engineering is housed in two modern buildings located at the University of Patras Campus, with magnificent views of the mountains of Peloponnese and the Gulf of Patras.