National Tourism Cluster



National Tourism Cluster "Bulgarian Guide"​ is a non-governmental organization focused on the organization of initiatives for promotion and sustainable development of the specialized types of tourism. Key development strategy of NTC BG Guide is the integration of all specialized tourism types, including culture-historical, ecotourism, mountain and hiking tourism, balneology and SPA, culinary and wine tourism, congress tourism, adventure tourism, etc.

Our mission is linked to the needs of the “seeking” tourists and the implementation of innovative approach for the tourism services.

Our objectives are:
- Promotion of Bulgaria as a unique tourism destination, offering specialized (complex) tourism packages and services to “seeking” tourists;
- Implementation of a joint innovative technology for interactive and integrated promotion of the tourism services, provided by the Cluster;
- Attracting a larger share of Bulgarian and foreign tourists, looking for the different, authentic and personal experience;
- Improving market positions of the specialized Bulgarian tourism product at international level;
- Joint actions in the field of marketing and advertising in Bulgarian and foreign media and promotion of the services for “seeking tourists” in the global affiliated network of organizations, dedicated to the sustainable tourism development;
- Supporting its members in their various activities.