Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Larissa



The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Larissa (DEYAL) is the first and largest Municipal Company in the field, after EYDAP and EYAT, with modern facilities and top quality services.

DEYAL is a Legal Person governed by Private Law, with a social utility character. It took its current legal form in 1981, by virtue of the P.D. 374/10-4-1981. Ever since, its operation and organization are governed by the provisions of L. 1069/80 "on incentives for the establishment of Water Supply and Sewerage Companies"; this law specifies the scope and duties of DEYAL, namely: the provision of Water Supply and Sewerage, as well as the study, construction, maintenance, exploitation, administration and operation of water supply networks, runoff and wastewater sewerage networks and sludge and wastewater treatment units (Biological Cleaning) in the area of DELYAL competence.

The scope and duties of DELYAL have expanded, in accordance with article 2, L. 1069/80 and by virtue of the no. 12635/16-8-2005 decision of the Secretary General of the Region of Thessaly, in the management, exploitation and trade of energy sources resulting from the activities of DELYAL and from the activities of the Municipality of Larissa. The new activities of DELYAL are the production of electric power a) by exploiting the solar energy and b) by burning the Biogas deriving from the Biological Cleaning and the XYTA (Sanitary Landfill) of the Municipality of Larissa.

Since 1981, DELYAL has accomplished a multiple infrastructure work that affects decisively the quality of life of the city's inhabitants:
DELYAL supplies with water the Municipality of Larissa, the Municipal District of Terpsithea and the settlements of Koulouri and Amfithea, the Municipal District of Nikea, the Municipal District of Melissohori and part of Platykampos.

The supplied water is received from the 17 bores (7 in Ampelonas, 5 in Yannouli and 5 in Platanoula), then is channeled to the reservoirs of Agia Paraskevi and Mezourlou and is distributed to the city thanks to the gravity created due to the height difference.

The water supply clients are 208,500 (69,500 water meters) and the length of the pipelines is 650,000 m.
The annual water production exceeds the quantity of18.000.000 m3. The water is healthy, fully tested at the Laboratories (Chemical-Microbiological) that are equipped with state of the art technology. The quality system applied by the water Quality Control Laboratory is certified by ELOT according to ΕΝ ΙSO 9001: 2000.

The sewerage network, which is 490,000 m long (307 Km of sewage pipes and 183 Km of rain water pipes) can serve 180,000 inhabitants.

The Biological Cleaning has a treatment capacity of 20,000 cubic meters of wastewater per day. After the upgrade and expansion, the capacity of the network has been doubled to 40,000 cubic meters, with the possibility to serve 210,000 inhabitants.

The investments of DEYAL in all of its activity sectors since 1983 amount to 320,000,000 Euros or 110 billion drachmas.

From 1983 to 1992 the projects were funded through loans (European Investment Bank - Loans and Deposits Fund) and by the Public Investments plan. Since 1993 they are funded by the 1st and 2nd Cohesion Fund.

All the Services of DEYAL are concentrated at the Aqueduct, for their better organization and operation, and also for the decentralization of the city. On the site of the Aqueduct there are the Water Tower, the Refineries, the Water Reservoirs, the Pump Station, the Laboratories (Chemical-Microbiological), the building of the Management and the surrounding area. The DEYAL premises also include the premises of Biological Cleaning, the water supply bores, the water reservoirs in Mezourlo and Agia Paraskevi and the building of Interruption in Platamonas.