Regional Development Agency of Western Macedonia S.A.



West Macedonia Development Company (ANKO) SA created by the local authorities, the State, the agricultural cooperatives and Chambers of Commerce, in order to act as a pioneering scientific organisation for the regional development approach.

The company’s aim is the promotion, support and contribution to integrated regional development, in order to make West Macedonia a place for healthy and safe life and a model for sustainable growth, through study, promotion, administration, monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects on development, in collaboration and complement action with local authorities, the state and the private sector, and support of authorities and inhabitants, consistent informing, awareness, motivation, activation, contribution in the configuration of development strategies and the coordination of actions for the implementation of innovative development projects.

ANKO acts cooperatively and supportively with the public and private sectors. Operates under free enterprise criteria through a rational combination of social motion, business behaviour and accomplishment of the high-level demands of integrated development with clarity and effectiveness, aiming in the creation of a modern, powerful, specialised and financially self-reliant company which will rely upon:
- the innovative and pioneering approach of its acts;
- the suitable staffing with specialised personnel and its continuous training;
- the formation of a modern operating environment, the continuous equipment and embodiment of modern technology;
- the hammering of sound cooperation relations in the day-to-day contacts with authorities and citizens and in the assumption of initiatives which accentuate the social values, in the interior as well as in the exterior environment of the company;
- the involvement of its own operational quality through the appropriate implementation of the modern methods of business administration.

The company’s management and personnel commit to:
- consistently monitor the evolutionary courses, record development data, constantly inquire perspectives – initiatives – new dynamic approaches for integrated regional development and contribute in the "production" of growth policies;
- timely implement high-quality development programs – projects;
- provide integrated support services for local authorities; and
- constantly search and apply methods for improving quality of the overall services provided, surpassing the expectations and demands of authorities and inhabitants.