Technological Educational Institute of Western Greece



The Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I) of Western Greece was established the 6th of June, 2013 as a result of merging the former T.E.I. of Patras established in 1983 and former T.E.I. of Mesolonghi established in 1983, too. The T.E.I. of Western Greece is a State Higher Education Institute autonomous and self-governed by its Academic & Administration Bodies.
The Technological Educational Institutes (T.E.Is), along with the Universities are subject to the Greek frame - Law of Higher Education.

In particular, the T.E.Is constitute a sector parallel, equivalent and complementary to the Universities. The T.E.I. of Western Greece is oriented to Applied Sciences and Technology, while the Universities are mostly committed to Academic Studies and Theoretical or Basic Research.

The Administration and Management of the T.E.I. of Western Greece is based on three main bodies:
1. The Senate;
2. The Rector and his /her Vice Rectors;
3. The Council and its President, the President of the Council.

The Senate is mainly responsible for the Academic and Research issues, while the competences of the Council are the Strategic Planning, the Economics and Management, in general.

The members of the Senate:
- The Rector;
- The Deans: there are four Deans corresponding to four schools which make up the TEI of Western Greece;
- 2 Heads of departments for each School;
- One representative of the technical staff;
- One representative of the administration staff;
- One representative of the students.

The four Schools:
1. School of Technological Applications with four departments
2. School of Management and Economy with seven departments
3. School of Agricultural Technology and Food and Nutrition Technology with three departments
4. School of Health and Caring Professions with five departments

The senior post in Administration Services is the one of the T.E.I. Secretary that is the Registrar of the T.E.I..