Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana



The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana, Albania is the leading Commercial Chamber in Albania and the legitimate representative of Tirana business interests. CCIT is the main institution to represent the business, with the aim to lobby, serve and protect the business rights is as well as enhances business opportunities and foreign investment opportunities in Albania to a worldwide network.

The Chamber has established a permanent cooperation with regional, European Chambers and beyond. CCIT is a member with full rights at organizations such as: ICC, ASCAME, BSEC and Vienna Economic Forum.

It employs a qualified staff and has established strong cooperation relationships with national and international know-how centers. Its scope of interests comprises the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship, information and communication technologies, transport, energy, tourism, environment and spatial development, intellectual property, etc.

CCIT aims to promote the Albanian business in Albania and abroad, giving priority to the members of Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry and also intermediates between business and state institutions. In this framework it collaborates with institutions of this field (Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Finances, AIDA etc.) improving business climate and attracting foreign direct investment in Albania. Additionally, CCIT has engaged in a wide range of activities closely connected to the business improvement and economy growth, such as EU Projects, business forums, fairs, conferences, workshops, seminars, etc.

Through Business Forums CCIT brings direct contact among entrepreneurs of various countries and our members aiming at creating partnerships between Chamber Members and foreign business.

CCIT provides a wide range of trainings, providing different courses on management, quality management, tourism, procurement, intellectual property, national standards of accounting, international standards of accounting, human resources, auditing, etc. All of the training’s subjects are carefully chosen based on the business needs as for the convenience of the institution’s policies.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tirana is the organizer of two Fairs registered as trademarks such as: Children Fair and Work & Study Fairs where Chamber enables the businesses to look at the market specifically and build direct relationships with consumers. Moreover, the Chamber offers to their Members assistance in the participation in International Fairs.

Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the frontline of projecting, identifying and implementing EU projects in Albania and in the region. CCIT is an important actor and partner in the market of development projects where we would like to mention IPA’s Projects, CBC’s Projects etc. Having a significant experience in project implementation, it is one of few organizations in Albania dedicated to development of projects.