Exhibition Research Institute



The Exhibition Research Institute is a non-profit organisation whose main target is the scientific market analysis, specializing in the exhibition and congress market and the relevant activities, as well as the extraction of useful conclusions to the benefit of the state, the private sector and the economy.

The Institute evaluates the economic effects of exhibition events on the local and regional economy, calculating the exhibition multiplier econometrically, along with the effects of exhibitions on basic macroeconomic magnitudes such as the increase of income per capita, and the increase in the number of job vacancies.

The Institute maintains and updates an elaborated database concerning exhibition centres and exhibition events held in Greece. It collects data from all trade fairs and conducts sampling surveys in representative exhibitions (exhibition auditing), according to UFI rules, with a view to determining their success and the potential of the sector they represent.

The Exhibition Research Institute conducts studies for the State and other Stakeholders, with respect to the competitive sectors of the national economy and according to the need for support of various business sectors (mostly represented in field exhibitions in Greece and abroad) that can become competitive within an international environment. It organises seminars and conferences on subjects related to the exhibition activity and multiple other business fields.