Marine Litter Transnational Legislation enhancement and improvement


Priority axis Environment
Specific Objective Delivery on Environmental Legal Framework
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Lead Partner Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (HCMR), Institute of Oceanography
Partners "Maria Tsakos" Public Benefit Foundation, Center for Maritime Research and Tradition
AKTI Project and Research Centre
Black Sea NGO Network
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Institute of Oceanology
Department of Fisheries and Marine Research
Environmental Center for Administration and Technology
University of Patras, Department of Geology
Budget 1.214.936,38 €


Marine litter is a complex and transboundary environmental problem, with increasing concern worldwide. Today is evident that effective policy and reduction measures should be urgently put in place, not only on local/national level, but also in regional/sub-regional. Transnational cooperation among countries is a real challenge for marine litter. The overall objective of  MELTEMI (Marine Litter Transnational Legislation Enchancement and Improvement) Project is to enhance the legal framework and increase the capacity of public authorities, stakeholders and society at large on mitigating marine litter pollution. Along with the assessment of marine litter in beaches and sea, the project foresees an active engagement of the society and the key-players; will be achieved by informing, ‘educating’ training and networking them on a science and policy assessment framework of marine litter.

MELTEMI’s approach is based on the creation of transnational networks among GR, CY, BG and AL, where marine litter on the coastal zone will be assessed, with the aim to review world’s best practices and tools and adapt them to countries’ needs. As main outputs MELTEMI will:
a. Deliver a baseline assessment of marine litter on specific coastal zones;
b. Review the existing national legal and policy framework for the regulation of waste and the protection of the environment from marine litter;
c. Enhance and propose legal and policy frameworks based on existing policy and management tools and best practices at local, national and international level;
d. Engage society, increase public awareness and boost environmental education practices towards an ocean literate society on marine litter issues;
e. Assist decision makers to co-develop National & Transnational Action Plans Proposals for the reduction of marine litter at source.

Suitable measures on marine litter and their application will be proposed that could facilitate the circular economy concept and approach, and reinforce a resource efficient economy from a policy perspective in the four countries.

The novelty of the project lies in the fact that the actors will be the stakeholders and policy makers as the partnership will offer its expertise to review, transfer and introduce, all the appropriate tools and best practices for the mitigation of marine litter. The overall goal will be to train and assist e local authorities to take decisions and adapt the most suitable tools and practices for them and develop a National Action Plan Proposal (NAPP) for each country. At a final, stage all NAPPs will further be built into an integrated and coherent single Transnational Action Plan Proposal (TAPP) on Marine Litter. Thus, all levels of society (local communities) and decision makers across countries will work in a coordinated way with a common approach to address the issue locally and propose common plans regionally, increasing therefore the governance capacity against marine litter.

MELTEMI Communication Plan