Providing services for management of natural resources


Priority axis Environment
Specific Objective Delivery on Environmental Legal Framework
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Lead Partner Interbalkan Environment Center
Partners Agricultural Research Institute
Albanian Ministry of Tourism and Environment
Centre for Climate Change - GEVGELIJA
Executive Forest Agency
Hellenic Agricultural Organization DEMETER - Soil and Water Resources Institute
National Agency of Natural Resources
Region of Thessaly
Budget 1.018.900,00 €


The Re-Source project tackles the need for improved transnational governance capacity in relation to the following three fields: 1) irrigational water management, 2) codes of good agricultural practices (CGAP), and 3) soil erosion risk management.

In agreement with the directions of the BMP framework, it aims to capitalize on results from past projects, namely digital tools/services produced within the “Digital Convergence” framework and the ”AGRO-LESS” project (ETCP Greece-Bulgaria 2007-13) and expand/customize their use into the territories of five (5) Balkan-Med countries (GR, BG, AL, Rep. of North Macedonia and CY) in order to promote governance capacity and legal framework delivery in the three aforementioned fields.

The project will be based on the system of digital services already established within iBEC (LP) and will further develop, focusing on the following three tools/services: 1) application of precise irrigation: a digital model for the application of precise irrigation in space and time will be further upgraded, customized and applied within the Greek and Albanian territories, 2) application of codes of good agricultural practices: a digital tool for the evaluation of the implementation of the CGAP (a set of more efficient, environmentally friendly practices in agriculture) will be customized and applied within the Cyprus and Rep. of North Macedonia territories, and 3) application of soil erosion risk assessment: a digital model for the large-scale risk assessment of soil erosion will be customized for use within the Bulgarian territory. Other foreseen outputs of the project include legal framework, present state and end user requirements analyses, evaluation reports, large-scale strategic studies, and training seminars (towards the public administration) on the use of the digital tools, water and soil resource management, good agricultural practices and related legal framework delivery.

Communication Plan

Communication Plan 

D.3.1.3. Methodological guidelines & data collection protocols


D.3.3.2. Present state & end user requirements analysis


D.3.4.1. Soil Erosion Analysis


D.3.8.1. Legal and institutional framework analysis for Cyprus
Environmental Measures


D.3.8.2. Current situation and end user needs analysis


D.5.1.2. Τεχνοοικονομική και περιβαλλοντική αξιολόγηση


D.5.8.3. Strategic planning in the management of agricultural production resources for Cyprus