Education for ideas, inventions and innovations for entrepreneurship


Priority axis Enterpreneurship and Innovation
Specific Objective Territories of Knowledge
Call 1st Call for Project Proposals
Lead Partner Bulgaria Economic Forum
Partners Albanian Center for Sustainable Development
Association Commitee "Italy-Bulgaria 2013"
Center for Knowledge Management
Cyprus International Institute of Management
University of the Peloponnese
Budget 904.835,50 €

The Balkan – Mediterranean area suffers from market fragmentation, high unemployment and limited labor force skills, actions are needed to foster the entrepreneurship potential by encouraging new business models, especially the ones promoting innovation and supporting internationalisation. The project intends to tackle the identified weaknesses by introducing a model of entrepreneurial learning & knowledge transfer targeted at young people and bringing their needs with the market demand in order to sustain development and growth.

The overall objective of the project us to promote territorial development, cooperation and support the competitiveness of the Balkan-Mediteranean area by developing, establishing and promoting entrepreneurial learning and knowledge transfer model (Ideas, Inventions, Innovation – i3) for educating students and entrepreneurs.

The expected results from the project include:
- Established cooperation and coordination between partners and stakeholders in the project – training and education institutions and business;
- Established i3 entrepreneurship model – Ideas, Inventions, Innovations with strategy for implementation and core modular curruculum;
- Strengthening economic and business relations between communities, stimulate economic development, job creation and competitiveness of SMEs;
- Promoting sustainable development at national and trans-national level by increasing balanced, efficient and sustainable use of resources and tackling the most immediate problems in a cost-effective manner.

The i3 model to be developed as a result of the project is an innovative tool & recognizable brand to promote creative, innovative & targeted entrepreneurial learning among graduating students & young entrepreneurs.The project can be implemented only as a transnational initative since the flexible nature of the model ensures, first its testing on a larger transnational level and consequently - introducing it to on a larger scale to focus efforts on resolving common regional and country or local problems - in this case by stimulating innovative entrepreneurship among youths.

The added value of the i3 model compared to other entrepreneurship training schemes is the flexibility with focus on specific strategic areas which require innovative approach. It will stimulate creative and entrepreneurial thinking and thus, utilize all business opportunities in the corresponding field.

Communication Plan

i3 Communication Plan